ower Core by Kresimir Jelusic
Old Guns
January 2, 2016

Hi, my name is Tom Paul, one of the folks behind The Game project. Have you heard of THE GAME before? Probably not. Technically, it doesn’t actually exist. So, what is The Game? It is a never-ending creative project and educational platform that strives to gather professionals, enthusiasts and students alike from the art, entertainment and design industries.

Pewer by Tom Paul

Before ‘The Game’ can become a real game, it if ever does, it will first be an online and onsite workshop – The Game Workshop. TGW is a sharing experience, after all, striving to support those who know less and promoting those who know more.

It’s for these reasons that I decided to join the team at TGW; I believe in accessible educational content and a true community experience, not just a place where I can drop an image and hope that it gets noticed (all the likes in the world don’t help me improve, after all!). I look forward to helping form a place where I can pass on my knowledge, but more importantly, learn all I can from others too. I grew up on video games, and at the risk of sounding like a spoiled brat, always felt upset at the end of a game – I always felt unfulfilled. I always wanted to make more content and to see more of the universe I was so invested in during that gameplay time. I believe TGW will be a way for me to begin bridging that gap. Maybe I can’t make all the massive worlds I want to play in – not yet at least, but I’m super excited to experiment as much as possible and to begin producing as many ideas and concepts for the ever changing ideas and universes I have in my head. Let me, along with Marko, be the first to invite you to begin experimenting and exploring.

You are also invited to join other TGW activities like The Game Challenge (TGC), live TGW workshops and much more that will be announced in the future. We invite you all to join us on this journey as we begin to explore and expand the possibilities of education and creativity. We look forward to taking on this journey with you all!

Rooster 2.0 by Tom Paul
Home Sweet Home by Tom Paul
The Doors by Tom Paul

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