Dragon Raid
February 27, 2016
The collector
February 27, 2016

Name: Stephen Dagg

Country: Canada

Online Portfolio: https://sdagg.artstation.com/

3D model:


I wanted to play with the idea of the theme, Monster or Monster hunter. As I was developing the characters I had a thought; who decides who or what a monster is? I think it’s a matter of perspective. So with this in mind I created a character that may be considered a monster visually but add a suit and gun and the character becomes the hunter. I imagined the hunter off on a distant planet fighting monsters hence a suit was needed. The armour had to look like his race of people created it so I tried to give it a shell like amphibious feel, potential for stealth invisibility. The weapons, multiple levels of damage setting on the gun, triple barrel for the buggers trying to get away, electric pulse blade, timed stun grenades and of course utility belt. The eye gear is used to track multiple targets at once; you never know what those monsters are up to! Finally the hunter needed to feel like he’s been in battle, so scratches, blood, dents and bits.

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