March 21, 2016
Monster hunter Olafur
March 21, 2016

Name: Amy Cornelson

Country: Canada

Online Portfolio:

3D model:


Anubis Redesign: A computer-like being that grabs its victims with its headdress cords and sticks them in its abdomen, where it then removes certain organs and places them into the surrounding canopic jars. These provide energy for the Anubis while it slowly siphons off bodily fluids from the corpse to fuel itself and injects an embalming fluid to preserve the body while it feeds. The victim’s heart is placed on the scale and judged (similar to Egyptian mythology), and depending on the result, the Anubis will subject the victim to a “virtual reality” of his/her afterlife (either good or bad) through wires that are attached from the machine to the victim’s brain. This VR afterlife determines the characteristics of the victim once they are released to become the Anubis’s servants. Those that experienced a good afterlife are used to lure in more victims or to conduct repairs on the machine and those with a bad afterlife become violent and unpredictable and are used to defend the machine and attack intruders.

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