Anubis 4700
March 21, 2016
Monster Slayer Nef
March 21, 2016

Name: Henrik Rosenborg

Country: Sweden

Online Portfolio:

3D model:


The first few times he’d been scared, really scared. Facing up against a beast is something different from facing an oponent of your own kind. That night a long time ago when he decided to tread into the world above he didn’t know quite what to expect, he never thought he’d be shunned like the plague by surface dweller. Due to alienation he was forced into a lonely life on the roads and if there was something the new world up here seemed to need it was someone who could deal with the unknown, monsters of all sorts. Very soon he didn’t have much else to choose from, now twenty years later he doesn’t think much about it, it’s a job like any other. The trophies he carried on his back was getting heavy and he was out of coin, he took a deep breath and started walking again.

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