-Monster Slayer
March 19, 2016
Ten the demon samurai
March 19, 2016

Name: Goran Peremin

Country: Croatia

Online Portfolio: https://www.artstation.com/artist/peremin

3D model:


It’s inspired by Teslas ‘s leaving Balkans and going into USA, Electricity and Frankenstein.

VALET DE TESLA is the personal servant of the legendary inventor Nikola Tesla.
He made it during his stay in the “Lands of Balkan” as protection from witch hunters and superstitious people who inhabit this country.
They belived Tesla was witcher and demon worshiper because of his iron pillars and loud noise that was coming from hes underground laboratory.

You could hear the Monster coming by gentle whispering of the name “Nikolaaa” followed by the sounds of thunder.

It is said that the woman on the monsters back was Tesla’s girlfriend before the locals tied her to an iron pillar near the entrance to Tesla’s lair and left her to die.
Fortunately for locals monster needs electricity to live and so it was bound to Tesla estate.
When Tesla was leaving this damned lands he put the poster that stretched over two large iron pillars and there it said:

“My wrath will catch you unprepared when you understand the meaning of my work!”

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