March 22, 2016
March 22, 2016

Silver Archon

Name: Daniel Gish

Country: United States

Online Portfolio: www.artstation.com/danielgish

3D model:


This is my monster, the Silver Archon. Its existence resides in higher dimensions where it sculpts realities for lower dimensional beings such as ourselves, it acts as an architect of time and space. A God creature, it protects its affiliates and kin while in higher dimensions by forging hell realities for its adversaries and then portaling them into it by merging its designed reality into theirs. It manipulates the quantum fabric of lower dimensional realities, so instead of using any sort of kinetic or physical weapon it simply merges unfortunate timelines/parallel Universes into it’s enemy’s reality. It is currently in an inter dimensional war of reality-forging factions that forging competing parallel Universes at higher dimensions, this war is invisible to us because our physically based reality is in the 3rd dimension. This war exists in the 22nd dimension, where information is at vibrations that are physically inconceivable, but if it were to portal down to 3D it would look like this in physicality.

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