The monster hunter: GEISZIER
March 20, 2016
March 21, 2016

Name: Mile Eror

Country: Finland

Online Portfolio:

3D model:


Hi there,

this is my entry (3D) for game challenge.
This particular character is a combo including bits and pieces from cyberpunk style character, Iron Man, Hancook and some other.
Story is that in some sort of broken future there are different monsters and creatures appearing, maybe even being created by underground rebel army, and presenting great threat to civilians on the ground.
One way to protect yourself and family is to get your personal Slayer Unit, Singular manufactured by big tech company, Singular industries.
They are expensive and you have to get the credits to get your and not everyone can afford that.
Note the Rebels tag on the robo hoodie…? What happened there? Is he on your side? Underground rebels? hhmm.. Who knows 🙂

Mile Eror

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