The LightHouse Incident
March 22, 2016
Gärl – Monster Slayer
March 22, 2016

Name: Aleksandar Ignatov

Country: Bulgaria

Online Portfolio:

3D model:


Well this is finally done! ….kinda
I started working on this one 2 weeks ago choosing the monster theme.
I really wanted to achieve an airless mid jump/flight feel to him so thats why i decide to balance him on his tail…and thats why he fell ( only ) 3 times during his creation!
But it is, dont know what else to say. I’m probably gonna work on him a little bit more just to polish some stuff i didn’t have the time for and hopefully one day move him to a proper stand….if i can bake him somehow…
Sculpted with Super sculpey firm gray.
Check out the rest of the photos on my artstation or FB page –

Anyho! Hope you like it! c:

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