Cordyceps Weregoat
March 15, 2016
Monster Bat
March 16, 2016

Name: Dylan Pierpont

Country: United States

Online Portfolio:

3D model:


“Reclaim the lost, lest I become death.” -Bishop I

Reclaimers are a rare breed. Once persecuted by the religious hierarchy of the Castellum, these exorcists fled to all corners of the earth. Many descendants found refuge in the cold, rural, southern hemisphere far from the influence of Castellum law. And despite the ruling doctrine, or perhaps because of it, the world turned sour with demonic possession. Only patience and understanding would unite the two factions against this common enemy. An ambitious idea, for when an exorcist is starved the act of Reclamation, a new demon is born…one more real than any likely to possess the mind.

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