Davy The Angler
March 20, 2016
Atzir The implacable Bit***
March 20, 2016


Country: Taiwan

Online Portfolio: https://cylstudio81.artstation.com/

3D model:


The ancient trees are know to be pillars that allows the mortals to reaches out to the high heaven. People would come and give their prayer to the tree, in hope that their prayers can be answered by the God in the high heaven. With the development of human civilization, people gradually stopped believe in God, as time goes by people stopped praying to the tree, and as civilization develop human settlement branch out, engulfing everything in it path, to the extend, these ancient tress were cut down to build buildings, weapons , anything that extend humans’ power on this planet. As the blessing of God fade away from human civilization, darkness emerge… what was once the pillars of heaven, now become something to be feared…

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