The monster hunter
March 14, 2016
SasQuak-Monster Slayer 2
March 15, 2016

Name: Marina Ortega Lorente

Country: Spain

Online Portfolio:

3D model:


The Unborn siamese twins are part of a range of horror monsters, the Unborn, a personal project. The Unborn are those souls that for cruel reasons don’t reach life, so they didn’t get to be real people, but their souls keep willing to live what was banned from them. Unexplained genetic problems, sudden death syndrome, accidents that could have been prevented, even children that were destined to be born from couples that didn’t end together for tragic reasons or people that died alone being forgotten by everybody.

They wander through our reality, looking at us, and don’t even understanding. In lonely places, in the dark, in the nights, they can get too close.

This was inspired by sleep paralysis phenomenon (when occasionally, while you are unable to wake up yet, you can strongly feel and see people or creatures close or over you), the forgotten people in the comic “Midnight Nation”, and just all the unfortunate and unfair deaths around the world, unexplained or simply wrong.

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