Gurmukh Bhasin 5 Minute Talk The Game Workshop
5 Minute Talk with Gurmukh Bhasin
April 25, 2017
Starfighter Inc. - The Game Workshop
Starfighter inc.
May 8, 2017

3D Environment Design, an IFCC talk

Jort van Welbergen The Game Workshop

Jort van Welbergen The Game Workshop

In preparation for IFCC, which is only 3 weeks away, I would like to give a small introduction to my talk. As a concept artist in Horizon Zero Dawn and Star Citizen I was for most tasked with designing environments and building blocks. On Horizon Zero Dawn this more of the latter while on Star Citizen I mainly did interiors. In this talk I would like to show my process into creating such a AAA environment design using 3D tools. I will talk about the difference between games and film and show various techniques that I was taught to create interesting spaces one can interact with and walk trough.
Also I will talk about the importance of 3D and being able to provide block outs and lighting layouts down the pipeline. Lastly I will cover some interior design principles that are wide applicable to a variety of design problems. I hope this sounds as exciting to you as I am to talk about it and I hope to see you there! Make sure to also check my latest hard-surface tutorial. Here’s the Gumroad link.

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