Nomad from Sahara
May 1, 2017
The Hermit
May 1, 2017

After Dr. Bob took over. Cities started evolving. Dr. Bob saw beauty in our evolution theory and started applying generative design to create new supercities where anyone could live. Who doesn’t love the way bones and nerves are structured, and who doesn’t love the clean, white architecture made by everyone’s beloved Dr. Bob. Little did he know that there were almost no humans left to enjoy his masterpiece. And the few people left do not really see the beauty of their new city. I say their city. Who are they to decide how the city looks. It’s Bob’s city now… It’s Bob’s world now!

These three paintings resemble a timelapse of how Dr. Bob rebuilds the city.

I had much fun with the challenge. Learned a lot about generative and parametric design. I also tried animation for the first time which was a great but difficult experience.
Thank you very much for organising this challenge!


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