Desert Guardian
May 1, 2017
Photo of a group of nomads
May 1, 2017

I followed the instructions for the visual language of the artwork,
also I posted many WIPs on the facebook group.
This artwork was made on Photoshop, as full 2D piece.

The General of Nomads,
is character from the story about ‘Before We Go To Mars’.
He is main character from the group of Nomads, and it’s someone very important.
Nomads are groups, which travel all the time with no permanent home, so they must to have leaders,
and the leader of the leaders is this general of nomads. Me, as citizen of Bob’s area, I don’t know his name,
and I know nothing about him, where he is now, what he is planning, is he still alive…
But I am sure he is alive, no matter about the radiation, this is just photography, when he tried to look a bit normal,
that’s how big persons are photographed. It’s just photography, I don’t know how old, but this Nomad is wearing
gloves, plus another costume and face mask, he is very good protected. So no one can recognize him right now.
And because of that, we are so scared here.

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