3DAKTA Cover Art Challenge 2017


You've all heard of 3DAKTA, right? No? Oh, yeah, that's maybe because it's the newest game from the ever-evolving TGW playground! In fact it's so new it doesn't even have a promotional art cover. Which is great for you, because you now have a chance to participate in making IFCC history AND win a ticket for IFCC 2017. How, you ask? Check it out!

3DAKTA is digital/real-life 3D puzzle game that's hella fun. You can play both in the digital and in the real world.  The point of the game is to tickle your brain and make it work fast in solving constructional puzzles. If you don't get it right the first time, you probably won't complete the puzzle. You have to be observant, projecting, precise – and fast.

Currently, 32 puzzles are in development, with more coming every day. Before the public release we want to see how 3DAKTA inspires your creativity. We need you to show us your vision of 3DAKTA. All creations should be submitted between 2 January 2017 and  6 March 2017. Submit the form below to learn more about the Rules and Technical Details. If your vision echoes everything we hope 3DAKTA is and will be, you will win a ticket to attend all main events at IFCC 2017 and have your art used in promoting the newest TGW brainchild.

3DAKTA Challenge 2017 The Game Workshop


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3DAKTA Challenge 2017

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