THE GAME CHALLENGE is the starting point

The main purpose of TGC (The Game Challenge) is to create a library of visual content for projects like "The Game", "Before we go to Mars" and many other. Such content includes characters, vehicles and environments, which can later be used in real game or for educational purposes. Anyone participating in TGC will also get the chance to win tickets for the IFCC festival and other prizes!


It is important to emphasize that no matter how this project develops in the future, all the works you submit for TGC (The Game Challenge) and other challanges will stay yours. We may use creations you submit to promote TGC related activities, but always with your name next to it. If one day any of the projects we develop goes into real production, which is what we are hoping for, you will decide if you want to see your designs as part of it. If that happens, don’t worry, it will be clearly visible what was your contribution to the project because we respect your work. Also, if your work ends up as one of the items inside any of the libraries you can still ask for its removal because it’s yours and you have the right to use it as you see fit. We just wanted you to know that there aren’t any hidden plans for your designs. Most of us developing the concept are artists, just like you.