The IFCC Academy Never-Ending Challenge

Submit the best One Minute Educational Video and win IFCC Ticket

As you all know, passing knowledge on to others is very important. That’s how we all learn and grow. No one is born informed and curiosity is what kills ignorance, not cats. How many times a week are we watching someone's videos trying to understand how something works? There are so many videos out there, precisely because we all have something to teach others. You may not know it, but at this very moment, there is someone out there who wants to know what you know. Knowing is sweet, teaching is sweeter.


The rules of the one-minute-video challenge are very simple. All you have to do is create an educational art/design related video about traditional techniques, digital techniques, drawing, sculpting, 3D Printing, etc.

It can really be about anything, as long as people can learn something useful from it. Show us how you would use your favorite software, brush, clay, or other any tool and material of your choosing. All of this is up to you. The only set rule is that the video must not be longer than 60 seconds.

As you probably already know, recently we have launched the IFCC Academy website. The idea is to provide top quality content, such as online courses and live workshops, at affordable prices. Payed content will be available alongside a bunch of free material. We are already working on the long awaited Big Fat Course (honest!), which will be gratis. 

If your 1-minute challenge video gets enough appreciations from viewers, or if we like it enough, it will be added to the IFCC Academy website, with your credits, of course.


1. Record and edit your 30-60 seconds long educational video at 1920*1080 px
2. Download THIS intro (choose Download/Original) which you have to include at the beginning of your video. DO NOT EDIT the intro video.
3. Upload the video to YouTube (or Vimeo)
4. Name your video I CAN TEACH You (the rest goes here)*
5. Submit your video on this page by filling out the form below

* For example, you can name your video "I CAN TEACH You how to sculpt with wax"


1. Ticket for the next IFCC Festival
2. Any IFCC Academy online course (winner’s choice)
2. Other Prizes (to be announced)

NOTE: There'll probably be some prizes for 2nd and 3rd place so stay tuned

Submit Your Educational Video

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