Become TOTC 2018 Partner

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As there are 4 sub-challenges, we want to allow the winners to choose which prize they want. This means that your product or service might be picked twice or even three times, but it also means that it might not be picked at all. Keep that in mind. Of course, the way your company name will presented on the TOTC 2018 landing page won't change, no matter what the winners chose. If you're joining just to advertise/promote TOTC 2018 then you don't have to worry much about what's written above.

There won't be any 2nd or 3rd place prizes for any of the sub-challenges because we're giving away 4 IFCC 2018 tickets and 1000 Euros in cash, powered by IFCC + your products, which we believe is totally awesome. If, by chance, you do want to give out additional awards, please let us know and we'll get busy making it happen.

  • You can offer a product, service, money, advertising and so on. This is totally up to you.
  • This might engage even more artists and designers to join the challenge